Mini Pony of the Day 3-11-09

I’ve used this video awhile back, but the file expired or something. So this is a good-enough time to use it again.

I was a huge fan of Tracy Morgan, and thought he was ahead of his time on SNL. The Brian Fellow skits were clutch, with this one obviously being my favorite. The devil-eyed goat is great, but the miniature horse is the best. Clearly.

I wanna see your dog catch a frisbee.

Read these words:

Brenden Stai’s AFC Championship ring was found by Cash4Gold. [OFTOT]

No sleep til April. [NESW Sports]

Marcus Williams gets waived…and emotional on Facebook. [Steady Burn]

NOT politically correct. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Did the UFC dupe their fans? [Chicago’s MMA]

The Penguins are unpredictable? [Paneech]

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