Mini Pony of the Day 4-14-09

Thanks to everyone that sent this in. I know Mark, Doug and Jim did, but apologies to those I’ve forgotten. It’s from last week and I’m not really trying to go back and list everyone. There were more, and you are all appreciated. There…good enough.

It’s a mini guide horse for a blind woman. I’ve featured guide horses before mainly due to their coolness as well as their usefulness. To see the video, you’ll have to follow this link.

ESPN is a fan of the dramatic chipmunk video. [NESW Sports]

Evan Longoria is already your AL MVP. [Josh Q. Public]

The Mets opened Citi Field with sass. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Hawk Harrelson’s first error of the season. [Zoner Sports]

20 fatso nicknames for CC Sabathia. [Steady Burn]

The world’s smallest bodybuilder. [Sports Rubbish]

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