Mini Pony of the Day 6-22-09

I may have used this picture in the past, but I’m not trying to go back and see.

Either way, it’s still a dog pulling a mini pony. I like dogs, and I like mini ponies, so pictures of dogs pulling mini ponies are just full of win.

Plax is a Giant problem for the Jets. [The Jet Press]

Nate Burleson will have a at least 10 TDs. Kinda like what I said about Sweed? [12th Man Standing]

Fernando Valenzuela pitching Corn Flakes. [Zoner Sports]

Eli might be the highest paid player in the league. Seriously. [The Fifth Down]

I wonder if Gonchar is among the players suing that one jerk? [New York Post]

Dude, US Soccer won. [Fanhouse]