Mini Pony of the Day 7-22-09

These are sent over courtesy of Kim from Puck Huffers. She originally submitted a picture that I’ve used before, so in order to make peace with the world, she followed up with ones she knew I never saw. And trust me, I’d remember if I saw a sign that said “Nip” on it.

So thanks much to Kim.

Bill Simmons would infiltrate the Big Ben news somehow. [OFTOT]

I endorse this as DeJuan Blair’s nickname. [The Big Apple and The Burgh]

Top 5 WWF finishing moves of all time. [The Pensblog]

Fox Sports Detroit just couldn’t resist an Olsen Twins reference. [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

Why the Detroit Lions suck. [Blog Down, Chicago Bears]

TJ Housdgasfgasdfgasdfg is boycotting Madden 2010. [No Guts, No Glory]

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