Mini Pony of the Day 7-31-09

Thanks to Ian for this. Spinal Tap was on The Daily Show recently, and mentioned mini horses. That’s good enough for me. Their performance starts at the 15:00 mark, and they bring up the little horses at about the 19:00 mark.

Check out my MPIE answers when posted. [OFTOT]

Stephon Marbury got into a car accident while he was streaming his live Ustream show. [Fanhouse]

Bobby Clarke is delusional. [The Pensblog]

Cowboy Joe West umps his 4,000th game. [Steady Burn]

Blah blah blah steroids blah blah David Ortiz blah blah blah. [Babes Love Baseball]

Yeah, you just missed the Jewish Olympics. [With Leather]

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