Mini Pony of the Day 8-26-08

This comes over from Doug. It’s a newer Hillshire Farm commercial perfectly involving a cool miniature horse.

Dick LeBeau NEEDS to be in the Hall of Fame. It’s pretty criminal that he isn’t already. [OFTOT]

Wyshinski gets to the bottom of that ridiculous Mark Messier/Gary Coleman picture. [Puck Daddy]

Nice walkoff win by Andrew McCutchen and the Pirates. [WHYGAVS?]

Another one bites the dust for the Mets. [Babes Love Baseball]

The Twittour de France is nuts. [Steady Burn]

Finding humor in the Michael Beasley situation. [The World of Isaac]

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Mini Pony of the Day 8-26-08

See, this is how PSaMP was back in the day. The MPotD whenever I felt like it.

This picture is awesome. There’s no other way to describe it. Either crawl around, or read these links:

If you haven’t read the Smizik interview/discussion, you should do so. I’m shameless. [PSaMP]

Tomlin and Mike Potts in Office Space? Riiiiiiight. [One For The Other Thumb]

R.I.P. Kevin Duckworth. [TrueHoop]

UCLA is pretty high on itself. [Larry Brown Sports]

Tiger Woods putts a Rubiks Cube. My co-worker is playing with one right now. [You Been Blinded]

Chris Mortensen is awful. [Awful Announcing]

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