Mini Pony of the Day 9-10-09

As I’ve told you countless times already this week, I was back at my parents’ house for Labor Day weekend. And while there, I hung out with a cool mini horse. I used another pic of me and this horse a few months ago, but for the life of me, I cannot find it. Thanks to my brother-in-law Matt for the picture. Look closely, and you can see some turkeys and goats in the back, in addition to the mini horse and donkey up front.

I try to stay away from refuting the claims of alleged sexual assault victims, but Ben’s accuser just keeps getting shadier. [OFTOT]

Plus, Ben’s accuser tried to message Ben on Twitter! [Steely McStupid]

Djokovic vs. McEnroe was staged? [NESW Sports]

Favre might not play all 16 games. [With Leather]

There will be no handshakes in Swedish FA to prevent swine flu. [BBC via TBL]

10 things Richard Seymour would rather do than play for the Raiders. [Pacman Jonesin’]

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