Mini Pony of the Day 9-23-09

Thanks to Allison for this. It’s apparently at Juicy Couture up here in NYC. I don’t know what a Juicy Couture is.

True story…December of 06, I found a children’s toy horse, like this minus its springs and framework, somewhere in Astoria. We named him Juicy, and he lived at my apartment until last summer. I guess he was pretty couture?

Everyone chill…the Bengals are the same team that also bombed out in a Week 1 loss to the Broncos. [OFTOT]

And Steve rightfully rips Chris Henry. Nick Nolte + Whoopi Goldberg FTW. [OFTOT]

Why again don’t the Steelers need cheerleaders? They, uh…look like they’re doing a good job? [With Leather]

Remembering the Black Sox. [JoeSportsFan]

The sad Clemson fan needs a hug. [The Big Picture]

Drunk women at Lions game entertain fans. [The World of Isaac]

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