Mini Pony of the Day 9-3-09

This comes from Neena (on Twitter, too). She said her friend took it yesterday in New Orleans. Man, I didn’t even know people were still living there after the hurricane, let alone awesome mini horses.

The Steelers are going to cut Casey Hampton. [OFTOT]

Jeez, this was terrible news to wake up to. My buddy Paneech was at a minor league game and a 4 year old kid got hit with a line drive. He’s fighting for his life. Say prayers, please. [Paneech]

LeBron hits a 3/4ths court shot in Paris. [NESW Sports]

Garrett Jones hit the 10,000th home run in Pirates history yesterday. [Mondesi’s House]

Who’s to blame for the soon-to-be-record 17-straight losing seasons for the Buccos? [WHYGAVS?]

My buddy Mike will be live-tweeting the Kittanning vs. Freeport high school football game tomorrow. [RizzoSports]

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