Mini Pony of the Day 9-4-09

Another one in the New Orleans series from Neena (Twitter here). Her friend said they were “working” the streets, as evidenced by the money. Man, if these cool little guys came up to me on the street, I’d be petting them and dropping 20s into their collars like it was nothing.

Big ups to my bud Mike (Christmas Ape) for a great job at the Varsity Letters reading of his book in Brooklyn last night. It’s a fantastic book that I urge you to read. I got mine signed, so I think the overall value went down a bit (yuk yuk). And here’s a pic of him at the reading, in full-on Hines Ward grory. [Football Fan’s Manifesto]

Stefan Logan and Isaac Redman both went up the gut. I like that. [OFTOT]

Phil needs a Steelers jersey. [Phil’s Occasional Musings]

Dirk is off the hook. [Barkley’s Mouth]

I’m pulling for Ernie Harwell. [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

This photo is awesome. [NESW Sports]

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