Mini Pony of the Day 10-26-10

Thanks to Kelly for this. She posted it to the PSAMP Facebook fan page. Man, I rarely pay attention to that Facebook stuff. But go on and become a fan if you want, and maybe I’ll do something with it.

Kelly says:

Pittsburgh sports and minis – a perfect combination! Here’s a pic of my mini, Mini Ridge Misty Gold Dust.”

I find the combination perfect as well, Kelly. And did I hear…Golddust?

Charlie with the Disney princesses. [The Pensblog]

Brett Favre’s ankle. [Fanhouse]

This guy loves car crashes. [Gawker TV]

Tangradi sent down. [Empty Netters]

Politically incorrect World Series thoughts. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

DIddy was on stage with Wiz Khalifa. [Freak Show]

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