Mini Pony of the Day 11-10-10

I caught this pic on my M train as it was pulling into my stop in Queens last night. Sorry I didn’t have time to turn the flash off…I spotted it literally as the train was coming to a stop and had to get off. Those look like regular horses until you notice that the dudes’ legs are almost on the ground.

Sid and Bylsma differ on how MAF should be used? ooooOOOOoooo. [The Pensblog]

Do the Pirates really need a big free agent signing? [WHYGAVS]

Steve Young FAILS in his assessment of Big Ben. [NESW Sports]

Wade Phillips fired: what’s next? [PMSports]

Ray Rice jukes his way out of a ticket by using a pen. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Jay Cutler mic’d up against the Bills. [Jay Cutler Superstar]

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