Mini Pony of the Day 12-3-10

Thanks to Ozman51 for this. From the link:

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has been notified by Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue that miniature stallion “Short Stuff” has been located and returned to the volunteer rescue agency. Following news reports of the horses disappearance the owner of the rescue received a call from a woman who said she took the horse home after finding “Short Stuff” earlier in the week near the intersection of Triple X & Britton Road.”

Awesome. All news should be like this.

Hines Ward speaks the truth. [OFTOT]

Pens won. [The Pensblog]

Non-tender deadline. [WHYGAVS]

We know you’re pissed, Landon. [Steady Burn]

All the good “Dunn Deal” puns were already taken. [Babes Love Baseball]

This is awesome. Fantastic video of NYC from a remote-controlled plane. [Gawker TV]

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