Mini Pony of the Day 9-21-10

Thanks to Doug for this. It’s yet another mini pony from Manheim, PA. From my count, they have about a gazillion in that area. And with yesterday’s MMCNY banner and MPotD, Doug is more or less contributing more to PSAMP than I am.

Cotter’s Steelers-Titans recap. [OFTOT]

5 more years for Ray Shero. [The Pensblog]

What did sweeping the Diamondbacks mean? [WHYGAVS]

Trentonian’s racist columnist takes offense to paper’s racist Vick coverage. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Shaq giving away 4 tickets to the season opener. [Steady Burn]

A terrorist failed to blow up Wrigley Field. [Deadspin]


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