Saigon Is All Ripped Out And Wearing A Pirates Hat

Thanks to my sister for this.

This is NYC-based rapper Saigon, a guy I’ve listened to for a while. This pic is a promo for Warning Shots 3, his third street album under the Warning Shots title. The first came out in 2004 and was a heavy part of my hip hop rotation in the following years.

And the reason Saigon is on PSAMP is thanks to the awesome Pirates hat. He had the smaller pic where he’s all ripped out as his Twitter avatar for a minute, and I could never really tell if it was a Pirates hat or not until this larger image. I mean, like 2 weeks ago I saw some troll waiting for a subway in a black and gold Phillies hat, so you never know what a hat is gonna be until you see it fully.

This’ll be added to the Pittsburgh Sports Stuff In Hip Hop archive immediately.


Now here’s 2 of my favorite Saigon tracks, from the original Warning Shots:

Shok TV

We Want In

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