Christina Aguilera Is Still Wearing Pirates Hats

I should amend that title to "...Pirates HAT." I honestly don't know if she's taken off the same hat since we last saw her.

Just 5 days ago, we let you know that the Wexford queen was spotted around somewhere while wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat. Word of it came from some really awful trash blog. And now today, we have yet another pic of Christina wearing her new favorite piece of apparel, from another crap trash blog that I really don't feel the need to link to.

And while Christina was gettin' me all hot with her newly refound and fit badonk last time, this time we got a front view of her weight loss together with the Pirates hat. The kid in some of the pics leads me to believe there's a man in her life somewhere, but I've gotten through tougher challenges.

Go Buccos.


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