Faith No More’s Jim Martin In A Penguins Sweater Next To A Bikini Babe

How do you save music? YOU ADD SOME FAITH NO MORE!

Our list of PSAMP posts featuring Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Music was severely lacking in awesome musicians. Suicidal Tendencies and a young, hot Madonna save a list littered with boy bands and Bweebers and Lady Haha. I mean look at the comparable Pittsburgh Sports Stuff in Hip Hop post. Sure, there's Dbags like Crust Brown in there, but you got Mobb Deep, a Wu-Tang affiliate, Three 6, maticulous, Audimatic, Method Man, Layzie Bone. I mean c'mon.

So like I said above, enter Faith No More to right the ship.

Here's a picture of longtime FNM guitarist Jim Martin in a Penguins sweater while standing next to a babe in a bikini. Your move, every other NHL team.

Go Pens.

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