Mini Pony of the Day 10-9-13

Anchorman. As hilarious as the first movie was and how funny the sequel likely will be, it's tough to reconcile that with the legions of people who quote it nonstop. Almost like watching the Da Ali G show's Borat skits with pleasure before 300,000 people started saying "nice" in fake-Kazakh accents after the movie. Kinda.

Except here's Will Ferrell in one of 70 commercials for the Dodge Durango, lovingly featuring a mini pony. And with 70 ads, there's less of a chance of meeting someone who will eventually quote one from the sheer fact of being overwhelmed by the funny. There's statistically too many, that are too funny, for anyone to focus on just a single spot. Unless you're me and see a mini pony.

So again, here's that one.

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