Mini Pony of the Day 11-26-13

Thanks to Steve for this tip on the parade and Contenta for the above pic. Steve had given the heads up about Saturday's downtown 4th Annual Trib Total Media Candlelight Horse-drawn Carriage Parade potentially featuring mini ponies. From the link:

The stunning line-up includes horses of all sizes from majestic Clydesdales to adorable miniatures and mounted riders, along with sports celebrities, the Pirate Parrot, Pierogies, Iceburgh, and Mr. McFeely.

And then Contenta sent along the pic on Sunday:

Parade picture by Andrew Russell of Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Which saved everything. Usually I receive tons of pictures from the area holiday parades, and was bummed when I had not immediately gotten any from the Pittsburgh parade. But all turned out fine as always.

We have another town's parade to feature tomorrow, so remember to tune back in then.

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