Mini Pony of the Day 4-24-13

Thanks to Adam for this. He says:


dude i was so pumped when i came acoss that i sent it to whygavs by mistake

Completely acceptable. Mini ponies have a way of making you bug out to the point where you send pictures to the wrong Bloguin Pittsburgh member. But I know it'll eventually make it my way.

Any way, this dude wants to move close to Pittsburgh and also wants to board his mini ponies. Check it out:

I am looking to relocate to within an hour and a half of Pittsburgh. I have 15 miniature horses and a small pony I need to find board for. They are one herd and pasture all together. Because they are mini horses, mostly weighing about 250lbs they do not need a huge space. Prefer run in shed situation so they have access to come in and out at will. Prefer wooden fencing but they are familiar with electric as well. Friendly, social, easy going family pets. Not looking for a fancy facility and I will provide all care and feeding, just someone with a pasture (dirt or grass) and run in shed they can live in. Please email me if you have space available. Private farm owners who are not using a pasture are welcomed as well as boarding facilities. Willing to pay reasonable board. Thanks.

Gotta be someone looking to help. This dude wants to give you money AND 16 mini ponies. Get real.

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