Mini Pony of the Day 5-21-13

Thanks to my bud Joshua for this from Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa's Instagram feed. He says:

it appears kobe bryant and his wife and also matt leinart were all chilling with a mini pony this weekend

And then Deadspin and KSK picked it up from our conversation, so thanks also to Muzthetruthspkr, Nick, TJ and Sean for the heads up from them.

Now I had set out to get some backstory on this picture, because there's at least two famous athletes, a wife or two, some random people and a mini pony in one photo collage. The story was begging to be told. And then I remembered that I was trying to find out information that included famous rich people and also Matt Leinart was in there so it was probably some uninteresting tale of a backyard weekend brunch with like cucumber sandwiches and Natty Light (for Leinart). So I gave up and just posted the picture and then this explanation.

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