Mini Pony of the Day 5-28-13

"Here's the story of a small horse…"

Over the weekend, season 4 of Arrested Development premiered all 15 episodes on Netflix, a fitting response to ~6 years of "canceled-too-early" complaints. Might as well let the fans have all of the new content right away, and I'm sure a number of my fellow watchers went through every episode as quickly as possible.

One thing I couldn't lose in the rush to watch happened early in this season. Episode 2 focused on George Sr., and his attempt to buy land on the Mexican border to sell back to the government at insane rates. While there, he has some follies with his twin brother Oscar, who is living off the land and hanging out with some hippies, John Slattery included.

Now, John Slattery shares my birthday and is awesome. And then all of a sudden he pops up in Arrested Development! Pretty cool, um…development! Anyway, after awhile he's seen standing next to a mini pony. Which is why we're cutting in to all your submissions and talking about this instead today.

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