Mini Pony of the Day 9-30-13

Thanks to Zach for this. He says:

Saw this today, thought of you.

Trenton, North Carolina

Lacey seems like an awesome mini. And I will defy the sign and use the term MINI PONY, because of what I said in this interview:

I use the term "mini pony" as my own summary of every small horse. Some people get pissed if it's a mini horse or a pony, and don't like the term "mini pony" like I'm purposely misnaming a certain species or something. No, I use the term independently because we feature ponies, full-sized horse baby foals, dwarf ponies with medical conditions, Shetland ponies, mini horses…basically anything that looks like a horse and can pass as a dog.

So yeah, you may be a mini horse, Lacey, but you are forever immortalized as Mini PONY of the Day.

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