This Is The Worst Heath Miller Jersey


How does this slip by? How does one wear this out without noticing the upside-down MILLER nameplate? Or is this kid just super confident and a person who thrives off attention?

We've looked at this phenomenon in a roundabout way back in 2010 when some dude at Mario's 2000 comeback game couldn't hold a sign up the right way. That is a bit more forgivable because in a frenzy there's like 4 possible ways of thrusting that into the air with your sign message facing the ice, 8 different ways if you're in a rush and hold the back side up to the ice. But a jersey can really only be put on 2 ways, and backwards would be an insult to Kriss Kross cos one of them just died in the past week.

So inspect your knockoffs, kids. Or hold up a sign saying you know the nameplate is upside-down and you're wearing it that way for the attention so us old crotchety people can get with it.

Thanks, Lowell.

˙sɹǝlǝǝʇS oƃ ǝʍ ǝɹǝH

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