Mini Pony of the Day 1-10-13

Thanks to K and Dawn for this awsome miniature donkey to close out the work week. Wouldn't you want a mini donkey or mini pony or mini anyanimal under your desk at all times?

Side note, look how everything is so random in that room. Mini animal, old chipping furniture, electronics carrying case and inkjet printer. I have no joke for this, I just wanted to take inventory.


Mini Pony of the Day 1-10-13

Thanks to Amos the WonderHorse for this. Amos asked on Twitter:

Can I be mini pony of the day? Please? (I even asked nicely.)

Yessss. I think this is a PSAMP first, where we've had an actual mini horse requesting entrance into out archive of great mini ponies of the day. And like I'm gonna turn that down. You can find Amos at the Twitter link above, on Facebook and in this great video recapping Amos' 2012.