Mini Pony of the Day 3-4-15


One of the best things about Steve Harvey’s version of Family Feud is Steve himself and how he reacts to ridiculous contestant answers. Now, Steve has his own talk show as well, so his pained thoughts can be viewed on more than one television vehicle. We’ve got the latter of the two, here.

Thanks to Doug for the tip and first picture, and SmokeyCloud for the second. Always good to get multiple angles and opinions on televised mini ponies. Here we go:

Steve Harvey, a man who has seen and heard a lot on t.v. over the years, looks genuinely confused at mini ponies. This isn’t even an “I gotta make a theatrical inquisitive look” either, it’s puredesire to know more about these great little animals. You can start here at PSAMP, Steve.

And now we need a petition to get Steve Harvey on all the types of shows he currently doesn’t offer his services to. Police procedural with Commissioner Harvey wondering just why crime is so high. Survey says…

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