Best Podcasts to Motivate You When Exercising

You should always think of how you will keep fit. Keeping fit and healthy is not only done by eating a balanced diet but also by exercising daily. By exercising, you can burn the excess calories, thereby maintaining a fit body.

Motivation to Exercise Daily

However, working out daily can be tedious. Therefore, one needs to look for a source of motivation. For most people, music works well as it motivates them to strive even harder. When exercising, you should ensure that you better your previous record to ensure progress.

You should also find something that helps you shun laziness and wake up every day to exercise like never before.


Apart from music, podcasts could be an excellent source of inspiration. Even though they are not very popular, podcasts will encourage you to be a better person both physically and mentally. Podcasts contain motivational recordings of any subject that you can download or subscribe to and enjoy it while working out.

Some of the podcasts that will inspire you during workouts include:

The Shrugged Barbell

This is one fantastic podcast. The audio is a series with over 200 inspirational episodes. The show talks about keeping fit by exercising. They also talk about workout supplements such as those available on The show hosts interviews with gym trainers, research experts, and famous coaches in the fitness industry.

The Shredded by Science Show

Even though this show is not meant for beginners or intermediate weightlifters, it is one of the best podcasts. The show is intended for coaches and trainers. However, who doesn’t want to be among the best? The show will increase your knowledge of fitness.

The Mike Dolce Show

From 2013 to 2016, Mike Dolce was nominated as the world’s best trainer. Mike Dolce is a very open individual who doesn’t shy away from saying what he thinks, and that is what makes his shows so inspiring. Mike also hosts interviews with doctors, nutritionists, dietetics specialists, and coaches.

The School of Greatness

The name alone captures your attention as everyone aspires to be great. Lewis Howes hosts this show. It bases its discussion on how to improve your workout routine in the gym. Occasionally, people exercise before going to work. The show will not only motivate you to make progress in the gym but also your day-to-day activities.

The Hurdle

This podcast features stories from people who became successful by including simple workouts like jogging in their daily activities. The stories from this show will motivate you to be persistent and perseverant.

Be Unstoppable

Most people workout to shed off the extra weight. Many at times, you come across people who will demotivate you. To encourage you to keep exercising, you need to listen to this unstoppable show hosted by Kara.

The How I Built It Show

While we are training, we sometimes wonder how a particular company became popular from scratch. This show will answer all of your concerns. The stories told by successful and vibrant innovators interviewed by Guy will inspire you to work even harder and aim higher.


The beauty with podcasts is that they include a wide range of topics ranging from sports to nutrition, fitness, or even politics.

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