Biggest Slots Wins In The History of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is undoubtably the home of gambling and has of course witnessed some of the biggest wins in the history of casinos. When it comes to winning big, slots usually aren’t the avenue however they have still been known to bring home the big bucks on occasion; today we look into some of the biggest slot wins in Las Vegas of all time.

The most famous winner when it comes to Las Vegas is that of Elmer Sherwin who was a World War II veteran who certainly enjoyed a gamble every now and then. He had played at multiple casinos in his life but had never won anything to shout about until he was 76-years old. Sherwin visited Vegas in 1989 with his wife where he won the jackpot on the ‘Megabucks’ machine and pulled in $4.6 million. 

The most astonishing part of this story is that this wasn’t even his biggest win; in fact 16 years latest in 2005 Sherwin returned to Vegas to the exact same machine to try his luck again. This time he gambled big and walked out with the mega-jackpot of $21.6 million which took longer than five hours to confirm the win. Sherwin went on to donate a good portion of his profit to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and used the rest on his family – a fairy-tale story. Looking to win on slots like Sherwin? Why not head over to these UK casinos not on gamstop to try your luck? 

The next biggest win comes from a 71-year old Hawaiian female named Amy Nishimura who was on vacation and decided to pit herself in the Las Vegas casinos to see if she could win big, and what a decision it was. She played at the Freemont Hotel and played for three hours with less than $100 to take home just over $9 million dollars – a moment she won’t forget for a long time. 

And finally, the youngest on the list at just 25-year old who is still unknown to this day, from LA who played at the Excalibur Casino and took home one of the biggest returns in the history of Las Vegas taking home $39.7 million. Although this individual has still not been named, he decided to take $1.5 million dollars a year for the next 25 years; very wise if you ask us.

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