Interesting Off-Season Hobbies of NFL Athletes

Professional athletes spend most of their time playing the sports they love. Most of them started by enjoying the sports as hobbies before turning pro and taking the game more seriously. As professional athletes, they also develop new hobbies to fill their time between seasons.

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The new hobbies of some professional athletes, including NBA and NFL players, are very interesting to follow. In this article, we are going to take a break from following the latest updates from Pittsburgh’s greatest and take a closer look at interesting off-season hobbies of NFL athletes from around the country.

Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker, a Placekicker for the Baltimore Ravens, started his professional career as a college football player for the University of Texas. At 28 years old, he is showing great promise playing for his current team.

When the season is over, however, Tucker spends his time indulging in opera singing. In fact, he can sing in seven different languages and is taking opera singing very seriously.

Tucker was asked to perform for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the New York Opera; a testament of his ability as an opera singer. You can catch his performance in one of the many YouTube videos he posted.

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham is another NFL player with an interesting off-season hobby. He currently plays for the Green Bay Packers, but he started his football career playing for the University of Miami. What’s interesting is that Graham spent four years playing basketball before switching to football.

In his spare time, Graham enjoys flying. He is a stunt pilot that often posts his actions on Instagram as a way to connect with his followers. Graham is so serious about his hobby that he dreams of flying in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

Von Miller

Von Miller, the outside linebacker for Denver Broncos, spends his spare time as a chicken farmer. He has a 3,000 square-foot farm and raises more than 40 chickens. His love for chicken farming stems from the fact that he finds the activity very relaxing.

Miller’s start in the poultry world started when he was in college. He fell in love with farming after taking several classes to get easy grades. His professor, Dr. Morgan Farnell, guided him to farming and sparked a true interest that stays until today.

Miller even said that he plans to become a full-time chicken farmer after retiring from the NFL. It will be interesting to see if the current hobby turns into another career for Miller.

Other Interesting Hobbies

These hobbies are interesting to follow, and you can try them yourself too. Other players have equally exciting hobbies that aren’t always as eccentric. Some NFL players, for example, regularly put on their roller derby skates and hit the skating rink to unwind.

Other players engage in different sports. Golf is a particular favorite of many NFL players, along with racing, basketball, and tennis. Don’t be surprised to catch some Pittsburgh players teeing off in front of you at a local course. Just make sure you let those players relax and enjoy their game when you do.