Pittsburgh Steelers Top 5 Players Of All Time

The Steelers season so far has been pretty average but on a personal note they have been delivering for me. I place a little wager on the Steelers each week at novibet.co.uk and I have been seeing some great returns thanks to the upsets the boys have caused, I was even lucky enough to be traveling before we played the Browns so didn’t put a bet on! Winning money on your team makes you love them more and this is why I have been watching loads of old highlight reels recently, reminiscing on what made me fall in love with this franchise in the first place. With this in mind I wanted to give my view on the top 5 Steelers of all time, take a look and see if you agree.  

Ben Roethlisberger

Whilst many believe that he should be lower on the list, for me Ben Roethlisberger is a good pick for 5th best all time Steeler. Pittsburgh were desperate for a QB before this man arrived and he lead us to 3 Super Bowls and 2 victories. The great man also features 11th in the list of game-winning drives and who can forget the epic drive that he made against the Cardinals to win Super Bowl XLIII!

Terry Bradshaw 

There may be QBs with better stats than Bradshaw but for me it is his legend which is why he will always be one of my favorite Steelers of all time. Bradshaw does have some impressive stats which shouldn’t be forgotten however, his 9 Super Bowl touchdown passes, an NFL record, and that incredible knack he had of delivering when it mattered most. 

Franco Harris

Ah…. the Immaculate Reception, who could forget that incredible play when Harris steamed for the touchdown to help Pittsburgh win their first playoff in over 40 years? Moments don’t make heroes however and Harris has some impressive stats to back up his position in this list. Running for more than 12,000 yards, ran 1,000 yards in a season 8 times, not to mention his 354 rushing yards in the Super Bowls, a true great. 

Jack Lambert 

Lambert embodied everything that it was to be a Steeler, mean looking and a mean player who put fear into the opponents. Lambert delivered every single time he played and in truth his aura was that of 10 men, which made the opposition doubt themselves and change the way they played when they came up against the toothless wonder, just as Cliff Harris found out in Super Bowl X.

Mean Joe Greene

What more can I say about this legend that hasn’t already been said? The man who helped turn the franchise around, the man who delivered 78.5 career sacks, a 10 time Pro Bowler and a man who won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award on two occasions. Greene is number one because of the way he played, and because of how he brought us back from the brink and made us real contenders during the 1970s. 

Any changes you’d make?

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