Hanging out with LeSean McCoy now a real possiblity for Pitt Panther fans

It’s not every day that NFL fans get to see their favorite players up close and personal in a game. It’s even rarer to see them up close and personal away from the football field. If/Only offers fans VIP experiences such a chance and specifically goes out of their way to provide various avenues for fans to enjoy a unique experience with their favorite players. Philadelphia Eagles and Pitt Panther fans may want to start thinking about opening up their pocket books.

LeSean McCoy, better known to some as “Shady”, has become part of the awesome fan experiences at IfOnly.com, and can be connected with in a variety of ways for a fair fee. Shady will understandably be in high demand after enjoying another solid season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014. Despite major issues and injuries across his offensive line and an injury to his starting quarterback, the electrifying rusher still found a way to top 1,000+ rushing yards for the fourth time in his career, while remaining Chip Kelly’s key cog out of the backfield.

Fans won’t just want to connect with LeSean McCoy because he’s arguably the best running back in the league or Philly’s most exciting player, however. They’ll also want to form a bond with him because he’s simply one of the best people the NFL or the Eagles have to offer. McCoy showcases his giving side via his foundation, Shades of Greatness, which works with people right at home in Pennsylvania and even helps raise funds for the awful disease, ALS. Anyone can see LeSean McCoy in a football game or at a random event in passing, but die hard Shady fans now have a unique opportunity to connect with him one on one. Thanks to If/ Only, Eagles fans can enjoy the best birthday ever with a special Birthday Bash with LeSean McCoy. McCoy will help you celebrate your turning of age in style. Fans looking for a different connection with McCoy can received a personalized video message from the Eagles great for. They can also enjoy a “Right up Your Alley” bowling party. Looking to get even more personal? McCoy has graciously lent his time to hang out with you one on one during a meal, as you can have dinner with Philly’s most explosive offensive player.

Fans looking to get a piece of LeSean McCoy can also do so with a personalized and hand-signed (20×24) photograph. Of course, fans can take it to a whole new level by having McCoy as an invited guest at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. As creative and enjoyable as If/Only’s current packages with Shady are, fans are also welcome to come up with their own ideas. Via IfOnly.com, McCoy fans can send the Eagles running back a personalized message, or even submit their own custom experience that can be considered by If/Only and LeSean McCoy.

There’s no denying some of LeSean McCoy’s runs have been borderline unforgettable during his short time in the NFL, and there should be many more to come. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the memorable moments you could personally enjoy with the Philly rusher. Thanks to NFL highlights, you can watch McCoy’s top plays in a loop on video. Thanks to IfOnly.com, you can repeat your memories with McCoy on a loop inside your own head.