NFL Super Bowl 50 Odds: Pittsburgh Steelers

In paper, the 2015 NFL season appears to be one that will have tough competition all around the league, and the Pittsburg Steelers are often mentioned as possible teams that will make it to the big game. But what truth does that statement hold? Do they have a chance of making it that far? The best way to know is to take a look into the facts and how the team is looking during training camp and the preseason.

At the time of this article the Steelers have played three preseason games. The first was the HOF game versus the Vikings, where both teams played mostly substitutes (Vikings won, 14-3), so really that game was not clear indication of anything. Then they lost to Jacksonville 21 to 23, again with a lot of substitutes. And this past weekend they faced the favorite Green Bay Packers in a strange injury riddled game, in which they were able to manage to score a win 24 to 19, but with the loss of their C Maurkice Pouncey.  The loss of Pouncey has forced the Steeler to sign a familiar face, Doug Legursky. He was their center for Super Bowl 45. Pouncey’s absence shouldn’t be that much of a major blow to the Steelers offensive line.

As for the strong points this team has, there are two fields in which they might be able to excel over the rest. One is in the QB department. Roethlisberger is in the apex of his career, and from what has been reported by sources close to the Steelers organization he is in the best shape of his life. The Steelers hopes of reaching the big game are placed on how good will Big Ben’s arm be.

However, white label bettors have a high consideration on how well will Roethlisberger connect with WR Antonio Brown. Experts and sportswriters are calling Brown the best Wide receiver in the league today. So much so that he is being called to have a career year. Both men will be a serious threat for all the defensive units in the league.
The Steelers are the favorites to win the AFC North division, but they might encounter some competition from the Bengals. The Ravens have been disappointing this preseason, and from what it looks they are not going to have a good year. So that leaves the door open for the Steelers to make it to the post season. It will be there, where Pittsburg will truly be tested. But, frankly they might only make it AFC Championship game.