Pearls Before Swine Made The Steelers Lose

[full-sized image here]

Thanks to BTSC for spotting this. Yesterday’s Pearls Before Swine cartoon dealt with our Pittsburgh Steelers and the insane superstitions that overtake the fans. The rat needs the Steelers to win and gets crazy upset when the pig moves certain things that end up disrupting his equilibrium.

Luckily this strip, which ran prior to the Steelers winning in Cleveland yesterday, didn’t jinx any late-season happenings. Had the Steelers lost, I would’ve been furious.

But it does go perfectly with a note Pat had emailed right after the Steelers put the finishing touches on the AFC #2 seed:

The season is over, let the paralyzing superstitions begin! Woohoo!

Indeed. That pig better not mess anything up in 2 weeks.

Go Steelers.

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