Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Pixburgh Stillers


Here’s another shirt from Steelers training camp that we had to catch as soon as we saw it before it passed. We were all sneaky-like. Kinda like how the Steelers disguised their attack with no down linemen and ended up with a pick. We used our ninja attack to grab this generic shirt before it left our sight forever. So sorry for the horrible angle.

This shirt uses Pittsburghese to display itself as a Steelers shirt without an official license. Pixburgh is a common mispronunciation of Pittsburgh by the local yokels. Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa even uses Pix Burgh as his location on his Twitter profile.

And frankly, I’m surprised there haven’t been more shirts that use the word Stillers. I mean, even my buddy Jim uses it with great frequency on his Internet Steelers show. Looking through the archives, this is the first time we’ve seen a Stillers-themed shirt here.

The final bit of design manipulation is that this oval is a play on the popular OBX bumper stickers. But these are in Black and Gold, and obviously show that you’re in Pittsburgh, hangin out with the Steelers. I actually liked the COC ones better.

If you have any unlicensed Pittsburgh sports gear, or awesome generic sports gear from any team, send them to me and I’ll post them.

(thanks to Cotter for the banner pic)


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