Yep, There Are Penguins Tobacco Pipes, Too

Remember back in August when we scoped some pretty neat-looking Steelers tobacco pipes? Turns out that wasn’t the only Pittsburgh sports team to be featured on a smoking apparatus. Here’s a link to the same place, but now there’s Penguins tobacco pipes as well. I guess there’s gotta be some correlation between winning a championship […]

Totally Sick Penguins Playoff Video

Cheers to my buddy Benson for sending this along. Normally, Benson’s videos are downright comical, spoofing the Coors Light mock NFL press conferences or the Bud Light “Drinkability” ads. Not so with this latest video, It’s just downright epic, and should totally get you into the NHL playoffs mindset (not like you weren’t already). When he […]

Sally Wiggin About Town

After China Jack started randomly talking about Sally Wiggin, I decided he needed to meet her. But I have no money, so in lieu of a plane ticket to Pittsburgh Way International Airport, I decided to take the lovely Sally, via the inimitable Ron Newcomer, to Jack’s watering hole in China. Ya see, don’t they […]

China Toasts The Pittsburgh Penguins!

Man, these couldn’t have come at a better time. My voice is completely shot after the incredible OT win in Game 2, and some Chinese people could probably sum up my emotions better. Props to my buddy Gavin for sending these along. Apparently, they’re blocking Youtube in China, so he traveled to Hong Kong to […]