Jack Kerouac’s Fantasy Baseball League Included the Pittsburgh Plymouths

[image via] I was talking with an acquaintance named Dante last night when he brought up Jack Kerouac's fantasy baseball league and I had to get more information of the Pittsburgh team because I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. The league's teams were named after cars […]

Sid Bream Hates Sidney Crosby

First off…I COMPLETELY APOLOGIZE for posting an image of the harshest moment in semi-recent Pirates memory. It hurt me just uploading it to my site as much as it likely pains you to see it again. Now on to more important findings. Deadspin has compiled a list of random and unique responses that fans have […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

For as awful as the Steelers have played through eight games, it was eternally refreshing to watch them take complete control of another team and exert their gameplan. And this was yet another contest in which Pittsburgh came out sluggish, turned the ball over and immediately had to play from behind. Only "behind" was just […]

Someone Please Date This Awesome Russian Steelers Fan

Russia. Where to begin? The former Soviet country is known for being…weird. I use the term "weird" and am not nearly the first to label it as such. The Huffington Post uses a Weird Russia article tag for such occurances. The website Weird Things itself has a Russia tag because they deserve every bit of […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Through eight games played in the 2013 season, the Steelers sit at 2-6. Two measly wins in half of a 16-game season. You'd think six losses were embarrassment enough, but it was how that sixth loss occurred that turned this Steelers year from a Frank Caliendo joke to a Mitch Hedberg joke. What I mean […]

The Steelers Were a Pawn in the Browns’ Faux-tivation

Yesterday, Deadspin brought us the story of the Cleveland Browns using fake, misattributed or just completely bastardized quotes as team motivation throughout the halls of their training facility. And in this tough 2013 season which sees the Steelers sitting at a poor 2-5, we'll take every advantage to rag on any other AFC North bottom-feeder…Browns […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

I'm going to forgo the traditional "pick out a few spots on the team and rate them from one to five" MMCNY recap style for that 21-18 loss to the Raiders. It just seems like too much of a chore after that sloppy a game…one that was available for the taking the entire 60 minutes. […]

Troy Polamalu as Jesus on the Cross

Ok so yesterday we went back to look at Etsy and the horrors within. We came out of that experience with some unreal Steelers dog pajamas that were so awesome that now I want a pair. Today…we're gonna get a little sacrilegious. That right there, 


It has been far too long since we've checked in on the latest Etsy horrors, so let's dive right back in. The weather is finally starting to feel like late-October, with it only getting to the low 50s today in NYC. Back in Pittsburgh, it's barely in the 40s. So you better make sure your […]

Maatta Yatta!

Penguins defenseman Olli Maatta played his ninth game for the Pittsburgh yesterday against the Colorado Avalanche. The team now must make a decision on the young blue liner's future, as any games played past game number nine would trigger this as Maatta's rookie season and the first year of his rookie deal. The Pens could […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Rarely are seasons made by Week Seven, but that might've been the case had the Steelers not taken advantage against the Ravens on Sunday. They did, creating 2013's first winning streak which coincided with an evening up of the loss columns with Baltimore and Cleveland. A horrible punt by the Lions gave the game to […]